Here are some images of current and future projects I have designed.


This is an initial digital concept for the Neolithic Longhouse for Jersey Heritage.  The smoke “dormer” was an idea for structurally explaining the “Y” shape post configuration in the main hall.  Upon reflection, I’m not convinced of this as a means of removing smoke from the building.

This is the same concept taking shape as a building.  The blog for the construction stages can be found under my “Blogs” page.

Beeston Roundhouse – some technical detail.

Beeston Roundhouse – a peg tenon cut into the top of a structural post
Beeston Roundhouse – a bronze cut circular mortise ready for fitting
Beeston Roundhouse – the meeting of timbers, two wall plates ready for fitting
Beeston Roundhouse – three elements working together
Beeston Roundhouse – the frame seen from the approach to the front door