Gallery: Beeston Roundhouse

Some Structural Detail

I have compiled some images here that show sequences of authentic processes and tool use.  The beauty and capability of ancient tools is clearly visible in the finished timber frame.

Individual timbers are selected, debarked and cut to length. Here a bronze axe is used to cross cut the green timber.
Where necessary, large timbers are split using wooden wedges and mallets.
Stage 1: Roughing out a Post Tenon using a bronze adze
Stage 2: A Post Tenon completed and awaiting fitting.
Stage 3: A Wall Plate Mortise being cut with a bronze hafted chisel.
Stage 4: Two roughed out wall plates with mortises await final fitting.


Stage 5: Wall plate fitting at ground level to try and minimise the need for serious adjustments when lifting.
Stage 6: Final fitting of two interlocking wall plates over a post tenon.
The art of plank making. First find a straight grained tree! Split it using wooden wedges and patience!
Once quartered, decide on the best line for a plank (or two) and split again!
Slow and careful wins the race…
And now the plank takes shape with the adzing off of unwanted material…
There’s always more to do…