Gallery: Jersey Neolithic Longhouse

Some Technical Detail…

The preliminary concept for a window frame – slotted between the existing wall posts using simple notches.
The three plank “Zurich” style shutter in position.
Stage 1: Roughing out the shutter planks – removing the unwanted weight and cutting to length.
Stage 2: Roughing out the mortises before the cleats are defined.
Stage 3: Testing the runner fit and mortise alignment.
Matching planks to ensure a tight fit before final shaping.
Stage 4: The rough out shutter aligned and ready for shaping
Stage 5: Removing surplus timber from the basic shutter
Stage 6: The cleats are defined.
Stage 7: The shutter being fitted to a jointed frame.
Stage 8: The finished shutter unit ready for fitting to the building
Interior view – the shutter plank on the right has integral hinge pegs at top and bottom that house in the lintel and sill.
The exterior face of the shutter still showing the 1/4 split timbers used in its making.
The shutter in an open position – showing the need for an offset hinge peg to allow the cleats to pass the frame.
The finished open shutter in a daubed wall.