A Brief History

Welcome to Historic Concepts Ltd.

My name is Luke Winter, and for 15 years I managed The Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne, Dorset.  Over those years, and based on my training and research as an experimental archaeologist,  I developed a unique “hands on” education system that focused on the design and construction of experimental ancient buildings from a range of time periods.  During my time at the ATC I researched, designed and built multiple Iron Age roundhouses, a Roman timber framed workshop, Saxon sunken feature buildings, and a Viking bow-sided residential longhouse along with many educational projects and programs that investigated  a wide range of time periods.

My aim has always been to work with people of all ages to investigate the abilities and achievements of our ancestors through practical tasks, experiments and construction of their buildings and daily life.

Historic Concepts Ltd blends my previous broad experience and knowledge with my new ideas and approaches to offer a complete package for the improvement and educational development of Heritage sites.

My aim is to bring an exciting range of construction projects, education packages and authentic conservation that will showcase the specific historical and archaeological evidence at a site.  This is not a generic model that is applied across the board, but rather a custom built ethos that will build on the specific and fascinating detail of each individual location and the story behind it.

My approach generates a long-term volunteer cohort, brings together researchers and academics, generates public interest and improves tourism and the visitor experience to any historic site.  My aim is to recreate Heritage Sites that once again, authentically reflect the living and breathing processes that created them and their stories.